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Tokyo Marathon

February 28th, the Tokyo marathon will be run, in addition to the game, such as the Tokyo marathon surrounding products is also very attractive, distinctive, room card set.

Arthur big A said: Tokyo marathon, I came.

Yunnan cattle man: the world's six largest marathon 2016 first, Tokyo marathon tomorrow all the city hot running!

Tang Hui Adolph: Tokyo marathon collar equipment, before the opening of all the volunteers standing ovation welcome runners to the scene, too shocking the

Jonathan:wow, the hotel specially launched the Tokyo marathon room card set

Epyinbin J J Ki: the previous Tokyo marathon

cloud Jun Stella: enter the Tokyo marathon time! The chicken did not sleep very much last night, early in the morning to catch the plane and arrive in the afternoon. Beijing into Skyliner Yamanote Line arrived in the hotel, or the last time with ikebukuro. Pack up across the Ikebukuro station (long) home to eat the famous Hand-Pulled Noodle invincible, wind in line for an hour to eat, feeling not as good. The material is very good, but it is really good.

Xia Xiaoyang, first share the diary of a horse racing - the first day

Data map

according to the Canadian media reports, despite Blizzard attacks, but for American runners, especially New York runners, there is good news last week: New York governor Drew Cuomo announced in January 10th that Changan will build an approximately 1200km "Empire State (Empire State Trail) trail" - this will be the largest U.S. the state of multi use trails network. This means that after 2020, the runners can run from New York to Canada!

media said, according to the announcement, the proposed Hudson Valley Garden Road completed to spend the next 3 years will be $200 million (the Hudson River Valley construction Greenway) trail and the Erie Canal Road Trail (Erie Canalway). The existing two footpaths are the two most famous multipurpose walkways in the United States, but they have not yet been completed and there are still a large number of notched sections in New York. At present, the path path of the Erie Canal is nearly 80%, while the Hudson Valley Road Trail is only 50%.

, on the day he released the proposal, he said on personal social media: "this footpath will be the largest state trail in the country: This is what I mentioned today in (10) in the state government's speech. The new Empire State trail is 750 miles long (about 1207km) and will extend from New York to Canada, including nearly 350 miles (about 563km) of new construction. It will attract people from all over the world, create jobs and stimulate the local economy. "
According to
Como envisaged, the state government will be divided into 3 stages laying the 350 mile (about 563km) long new road, and along the natural landscape, through the charming community has a long history, built a line from New York north through the Adirondack Mountains (Adirondack Mountains) arrived at the Canadian border, and from Lake Erie along the coast the long history of the Erie Canal to the center of the capital area, hiking and bike paths.
The new section of
will connect many remote parts of the state of New York. The first phase of the project is expected to add the 116km trail will cost $53 million, while the second and third phase of the project will be respectively "Empire State trail" added 132km and 315km trail.
will also create a new website in New York, so that potential off-road users can retrieve difficult parts, nearby facilities and footnotes when drawing their routes. The creation of the "Empire State trail" will make people no longer need to use roads to connect the existing part of the New York trail system.

, according to official data, the Hudson Valley Park Road Trail through Battery Park (Battery Park), the Hudson River Viaduct (Walkway Over the Hudson), Olana State (Olana State Historic Site Histor>

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