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before we have first to bring Only NY and Vans this month in a joint series, this series of joint was born in New York Manhattan Street independent unit of Only NY, it has been since the 2006 founding, push concise style dress up the east coast of the United States, and therefore subject to slide and favor Street culture lovers. A highlight of this year is Vans and street skateboard brand to launch a joint series, this series will be held on July 14th at 12 noon at Only NY (Stanton St New York shop 176, NY 10002) exclusive sale.
Although the
summer sale, but the location is in autumn and winter, Old Skool Pro has two pairs of shoes, a pair of white leather with Sidestripe, use green embellishment, concise and powerful; another pair of blue suede and white collocation of other parts. Use Duracap and UltraCush HD technology, the two sides jointly written on the insole Logo, tongue stamping technology highlights. In addition to the traditional shoes, the two sides also launched a joint Logo short sleeved T-shirt in three, which will also Vans the checkerboard pattern and Only NY combined with mallard. Sweater and plaid shirt is very cool, the most eye-catching or dark blue, dark green sweater two coach, socks, hats and other items, cap-a-pie is complete.

gratifying is that this series will also visit the next China sale will be mainly in the slide channel and online sales channels, please pay attention to, such as offering detailed information, we will be the first time.

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Live on the scene.
Light pig
organized by netizens spontaneously "run" held yesterday in the Olympic Forest Park Park, outdoor 1 low temperature did not block the hundreds of runners close to nature, and the pace of activity. Participants to the gray haired old lady, down to less than ten years old, only one or two clothes or outlandish costume attracted a lot of people onlookers take pictures.

low temperature can't stop runners' enthusiasm

around 9 points, the Olympic Forest Park south gate to gather hundreds of people. At this time, the outdoor temperature was around 1 degrees C, and the lawn had the snow that had not melted after the snowfall the night before, and the enthusiasm of the participants seemed to be undiminished.
activity in previously released announcement, the reporter saw the participants "boys can wear a dress, most girls wear two piece", so it is different from sports enthusiasts on weekdays in Orson Park, yesterday the scene only men dressed in shorts or Swimwear Underwear, shirts and shorts MS short dress movement. Participants dressed in outlandish costume is not in the minority, wear a skirt, a draped sleepwear, even chicken wings purple golden delicious, Sun Wukong Vitoria angel wings, even with their own baby baby stroller, all participants eye-catching props.

reporters noticed that the majority of the participants were young, but there were some white - haired old distance runners and children under the age of ten. A 62 year old man said that he was second years old to participate in this event, "I would love to run, this activity is good, the spring people together lively lively, let more people to love running."
onlookers are much more
than the runners
reporter noted that onlookers more than participants on both sides of the track, surrounded by people, which has attracted fans of photography, there are visitors to play at the weekend, no matter why, they will stop raising the camera, mobile phone, on this special "long distance runners".
Ms. Hou came to the citizens of
friends with runners refueling, she said with a smile, because he did not dare to participate in the "shy", "but now we play very busy is not what can, through such activities advocating everyone to participate in outdoor sports is also very good, next year I must run". However, some onlookers believe that the overdressed of individual runners is not related to the idea of physical exercise. "Too much of the runners are attracted by the crowd, and there are so many children in the park wearing T-shirts."

no sponsor has to strengthen security

, it is understood that there is no fixed organization for "light pig running" activities. Some long-distance runners get information spontaneously through the Internet or friends, and are organized in many cities. Xiao Zhou and friends third years involved, they are from the same Runners Club, "we hope that through such activities as our daily hobby add interest, also can use this way to tell more people close to nature, healthy life".

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