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China athletics events for approval to cancel.
Beijing News (reporter Tian Xinxin) in January 3rd, 2014 China marathon will be held in Xiamen, director, vice president of athletics field tube center Chinese Du Zhaocai said, will cancel the approval to the athletics events this year, events relax the access conditions, simplify access procedures, to stimulate the enthusiasm of the social forces race. The ASA also announced the 2015 new 5 marathon, held throughout the year in Chinese, marathon reached 56.
annual meeting, announced after the adjustment of the athletics marathon and event management system, in addition to encourage and mobilize social forces, and will open China marathon information platform to simplify the registration procedures, the establishment of the registration event calendar, to provide a complete service for the national runners.
In addition,
will launch the track, track and field certification service in 2015, will be in accordance with the requirements of "Athletics decentralization, relax tournament access conditions, simplify access procedures, arouse the enthusiasm of the social forces race, to attract more private events to join our big family to marathon. At the same time, we should do a good job in service, and vigorously promote the marathon competition management system, the organization standard system and the construction of the registration and certification system. Du Zhaocai said.

meeting, announced in 2015 5 new athletics marathon, the annual marathon held in the mainland reached 56. "In 2011, there were 22 Chinese marathons, 33 in 2012, 39 in 2013 and 51 in 2014." Du Zhaocai said that in 2014, the total number of participants in the national marathon reached 900 thousand, of which more than 260 thousand people participated in the whole journey and half of the race. The total marathon finished 77 thousand times, and the average running rate was 86.2%. As a new fashion of national fitness, the marathon has become a leader in social fashion, enriching urban culture, promoting urban harmony and social and economic development.

has released the 2015 marathon calendar, reached the 4 IAAF gold label silver and copper standard standard station, 1 stations, 30 stations Chinese athletics A-class events.

The screenshot comes from the video shared by Marbury.

Beijing time yesterday, Marbury uploaded a small segment of video on his personal social networking site, which was a picture of his own push up in the training hall. However, unlike ordinary push ups, Marbury did push ups while another man put his hands on Marbury's back and did push ups. Marbury could bear the weight.

"increase your strength slowly!!!! # champion # mentality". Marbury gave this video with such a text. Friends look after praising Marbury belongs to the NBA level, exclaimed: "too horrible, how to prevent this power."

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