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this is a "horse uncle called Tian Tongsheng and daughter Tian Shichuan created third of the book -" running horse "to life, New York, the first two are the" horse "of life, beginning from the age of 55 and" hundred life, ran to Boston ". Taking the last book, this book records his experiences in Chicago and New York.

Tian Tongsheng, a professional marathon runner, has already run more than 80 marathons. His small goal is 100 games. In November 6th this year, he had just finished the New York marathon of the marathon competition benchmark. Over the years, he has made dozens of keynote speeches on running power throughout the country, promoting running through columns, books, documentaries and so on. , in 2015, he also founded a company called "where to run" with friends.
The general manager of
published the book publishing company, the company in recent years not only published nearly 20 books about running books, and all senior executives have finished the marathon, he himself is just the end of the harvest in the New York marathon on a "World Marathon six grand slam finish those medals", he also became the "Chinese publishing industry to complete the Grand Slam - the first person tone is full of pride.

runs, the first movement without a threshold, is slowly packaged as a tool to meet the needs of the upper and middle levels. For example, Mr. general manager, inadvertently, only the company "executives" have completed the marathon. Tian Tongsheng's important work has also promoted the executives and employees of Vanke, Lenovo, Zhonghai real estate, Huarun and other hundreds of companies to participate in the marathon.
marathon is no doubt a good business.

's China sports industry development report (2015) shows that the revenue of Marathon operation in 2014 is 2 billion yuan, which drives the related industries to get more than ten billion yuan and 30 billion yuan in 2015, and Chinese runners spend 3601 yuan on running equipment. In 2016, it was more prosperous. In the first half of the year, the domestic marathon event caught up with the number of last year.
marathon led the whole industry chain, only equipped with sports headphones, quick dry clothes, intelligent hand rings, running shoes, water kettles, etc. Not to mention other related industries. According to the "Chinese Youth Daily" reported, has the advantage of the African friends have come to China when the "horse float", a professional agent for their schedules, increase the professional and international color throughout the marathon, and they get high prize money, each get needed.
marathon was a good business without a taboo.

is now popular as recommended in the book of celebrities, such as the girdle, who recommended the literature generally writers and scholars; financial economists, are well-known CEO; then this running books? It may surprise you that it's not a health expert or a competition champion, but a real estate company boss, a fashion group chairman, a car company general.

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