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China Track and Field Association launched the "2016 Chinese marathon runner annual selection"
is a positive spirit and energy transfer China mass runners positive, with annual recognition of the exemplary role of outstanding runners, running career promotion, encourage fitness, China Athletic Association launched the "2016 Chinese marathon man of the year award". The recommended list is as follows:

1, Li Xiaobai

was born in 1957, chairman of the new Silk Road Fashion Group, China fashion industry leader, runner.

Li Xiaobai started running in 2013 and took part in the marathon race. He has been promoting marathon healthy culture in the fashion industry and many other fields, and has led others to participate in the marathon. In 2016, the Beijing marathon served as the official 6 - hour and 15 - hour runner to help many runners finish the race.

in 2016, Li Xiaobai participated in 40 matches at home and abroad, marathon ran 3 hours and 36 points in Berlin marathon, and marathon ran 3 hours and 25 points in PB marathon in 2016. In January 30, 2017, Li Xiaobai successfully completed the "World Marathon Challenge" for 7 consecutive marathons in 7 days and 7 continents.

2, Mao Daqing
workshop founder, well-known entrepreneurs, runners.

Mao Daqing has completed nearly 60 domestic and foreign marathons, and was the official leader of the 6 hour official in the North horse in 2016. Mao Daqing has been devoted to the promotion of Marathon culture, and has translated and published a number of Marathon books. In addition to his own running, Mao Daqing also created a public welfare run troupe, which has been raised to support the education of children in poor areas. At present, there are more than 2000 people in the national wool group, which has helped a lot of people while promoting the marathon.

3, Wei Jianglei

senior vice president of sina, sina sports general manager, runner.

Wei Jianglei began running since 2001 and participated in the marathon. It has a deep understanding and thinking about the development of marathon at home and abroad. In 2016, Wei Jianglei participated in a number of Marathon forums to promote the marathon culture and the future direction of the Chinese marathon. The sina sports, which he is responsible for, has been promoting the Chinese marathon and marathon culture, and has made a deep report on the multiple marathon events.

runs for 20 years. In January 2015, we joined sina sports and attached great importance to the development of sina running business. In January 2017, when I was running, I had the whole world in running. I shared the experience of running in the book, and encouraged runners to run scientifically and seriously deal with injuries caused by running. It has also published articles and received media interviews to guide the runners on how to run and run safely. Vigorously promote public welfare, and participate in public welfare running many times. June 2015 with run children with autism in Beijing Garden Expo "Papa" dressing. Have you been flickered when you buy a running shoe?

running has become the hottest sport today. It costs a little more money to buy a pair of high quality running shoes, and the runners are willing to do it. This provides a huge market demand for running shoes.

life experience tells us: where there is a strong market demand, there will be fraudulent. Running shoes are no exception.

many famous brands of running shoes claim to use high tech materials with cushioning performance. They publicize that the sole of running shoes is made up of hi-tech materials with honeycomb softness. Granular memory foam cotton makes you feel comfortable and comfortable when you run violently and shoes are sunk down, causing rebound effect and giving full play to cushioning performance. There is also a "super" brand of running shoes claiming that an egg fell from 20 meters high to its shock material, and the egg was undamaged. This description, the runners were moved after listening to: spend hundreds of yuan of money to buy a pair of well-known brands of running shoes, value.

running shoe propagandiss also claim to have "big data", but what are the "big data"? No announcement. However, the day before the Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee published a few data, but it is an eye opener. They bought 46 samples in the city's major shopping malls, brand stores and network platform, according to the relevant national and international standards, focusing on business promotion and consumer interest in running shoes folding performance, wear resistance, shock absorption, non skid property projects such as inspection, continuous impact sole with 7 joules look at how the energy absorption ability of the shock wave's sole.

now, data came out: the average rebound rate of 46 samples is 48.52%, the best value is 29%, and the worst value is 65.8% (the smaller the percentage is, the better the resilience is). Among them, 19 samples compression and resilience index is higher than the average value, among which 6 samples of Nike, Jordan, FILA, NEWBALANCE, COLUMBIA and other famous brands are higher than 60%, which are all unqualified. A Nike men's running shoes, which sell for 869 yuan and claim light and slow shock, rebounded as high as 65.8%. Jordan, Lining and so on are also unfortunate on the "black list". The antiskid performance of running shoes, anti-skid performance test of MIZUNO and Anta, 361, PEAK and other brands will get an invitation. The difference of shock absorption properties between the 46 samples is nearly 7 times.
The data of the
Shanghai Municipal Security Commission has been punctured by a number of well-known brand running shoes. The so-called "damping running shoes" is a kind of gimmick. Because shock absorption is the necessary function of any running shoe. A shoe that does not have a shock absorption function is not a running shoe. Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee of the test results: kindness knows no bounds a number of well-known brands of damping effect, but also as a pair of ordinary shoes. The price is not a point. The prices of international brands are generally higher than those of domestic brands, but there is no obvious advantage in the quality and performance indicators of running shoes. They are mixed with incompetent person "". It spent hundreds of dollars more, and became a famous brand runner for running shoes.

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