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Shenzhen marathon first aid workers rescue the contestants

at the end of the marathon season, several half marathon sudden deaths, throwing cold water on the blowout marathon heat. But in the mind of the ordinary people, the half horse is probably the half off concept of the whole marathon. In two years, 8 people died at the end of the half horse. It was the "ferocious" of the half horse. Behind the cold data, it is a living life. In this sense, no matter the Marathon Organizing Committee or the runners, there is not much more to be done for safety.

half horse difficulty does not discount

is another year of the marathon season. Up to now, 4 people have died in the half marathon because of a variety of reasons. In this way, some people think that the idea of "half horse is half the difficulty of the whole marathon" is more dangerous than the half horse itself.

, a famous long-distance runner Sun Yingjie, now runs a running training camp. Many of his runners do not like to run, and he crosses half horse and full horse threshold. Sun Yingjie said she did not dare to let the players despise the half horse. "I teach students, like all horses, to pay attention to the physical distribution of every kilometer, to pay attention to their ability to exercise and heart is not enough."

Sun Yingjie says some amateur runners are more bold than their professional ones. "We have been trained to know where the limits of human beings are, and we should be careful to know what the body is. On the contrary, many young runners despise the marathon. "
Chen Penbin, a famous
runner, says that in running, the runner should always listen to his body's voice. "The general pole refers to the fatigue after the accumulation of lactic acid. This is a normal reaction, and it can go through the extreme." But once the chest tightness, heart palpitations, sweating and vomiting symptoms, you should not insist, must immediately stop."

is deadly
before the end of the finish
last year and this year the domestic marathon 8 sudden death, there are several common points: twenty or thirty years old, except one were male, likes sports, physical fitness is good, there is a man or a commando, the scene of the accident in the end point line within 5 km, 10 km in the and the half marathon race.

, according to Lu Le, a specialist in the marathon treatment and the first responders founder, on the data, there are several time nodes for the sudden death of marathon, including half pole and sprint. The pole is the most uncomfortable period for the human body. The heartbeat and breathing speed up and feel muscle weakness. While sprint occurs in the last 4 kilometers, the players hope to create good results, ignoring the possible problems of cardiac function.
The miracle of
treatment is the improvement of first aid level
two years, 8 people died of sudden death. It seems that the level of the organization of Chinese events and the level of rescue have not been promoted. In view of this year's marathon growth, the level of domestic competition has indeed improved. In the two stations in Shanghai and Wuxi, the scene of the live medical force was saved after the fall of the runners.

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